Connecting Soul Beings® Circle
Connecting Soul Beings® Circle
Bianca de Reus

Welcome to Connecting Soul Beings® Circle

A fun and supportive community of soul-centred humans who are expanding into love, harmony and joy.


Hello beautiful Soul and welcome to 
Connecting Soul Beings™️ Circle!

We are a community of beautiful heart-centred, animal loving humans, who share individual and collective wisdom and shine their light. We are dedicated to explore, learn, expand and have fun as we are bringing love, harmony and joy into the world. 
If you are an animal lover and pet parent currently exploring what this spiritual 'stuff' is all about, then you're in the right place!

Unity is powerful... when there is collaboration and deep connection, with passion, trust and understanding, magic will happen!

Your Community

This is YOUR community and YOU have arrived!
Let's help you gain clarity, trust and confidence, as you enter the world of spirituality, animal communication and spirit guide connection. Together we are bridging the gap between spirit and humanity, because you know what? 

We are already connected and you are already shining your light! 

This community supports and guides you. You will be inspired, and you will feel called to inspire others. 
Together we help you embrace your full self, your inner power and you will feel connected to amazing human beings through nurture, curiousity and wonder.
And on top of that; you are doing this together with your pets! Yes! We all love our beautiful animals, and they are very much part of our life and our journey here on earth. They will share some amazing stories, messages and provide support also.

What's in it for you?

Our community, and all that we offer are underpinned by the Four Pillars of Soul Connection™️.

This pillar teaches you everything about spirituality, where you are now, what it all means for you and enhance your knowledge about all that is.
We tackle topics such as intuition, energy, vibration, emotions, spirit, soul, and frequency. You will learn about animal communication, soul communication, our spiritual guides, past lives, and how you can raise your vibration to match the frequency of your being and what you desire.
The key elements of this pillar are Knowledge, Belief, and Trust.

The focus completely on you.
We find out what is happening in the present moment, and what may be holding you back. You also learn how to best work your ego, your human self.
We identify blockages, fears, and experiences that have a negative impact on us. We embrace and celebrate who you are and what you have experienced so far. Then you release some of the blockages, pains, and challenges, and collaborate with your soul and human selves.
At the same time, we create a full understanding of your being. Together we discover your spiritual abilities and you learn to align and raise your frequency.
The key elements that are related to this are Release, Embrace and Understand.

Where you bridge your two worlds: human and spirit. And this THE most important pillar for our community.
As you tap into your ‘spiritual team,’ you’ll learn to listen and work together so you have trust, knowledge, and clarity about who you truly are, insight into your life, and understanding what you desire to manifest consciously in your life.
In other words, doing what you love! I call this ‘collaboration at a high vibrational level’.
You will also tune into the animal kingdom and understand animal language to guide you.
The key focus areas for this pillar are Connect to Self, Spiritual Team, and Collaboration.

You have come home and LOVE! Now you are truly aligned, working with your spirit team daily. You are filled with love, joy, and peace and you are awakened!
You experience true freedom, as you trust in the flow of energy, and the knowledge that you are doing everything the way you desire and being who you are meant to be – a beautiful Soul in a beautiful human body, in perfect, alignment, flow and harmony with your Soul and Human Selves.
Key outcomes for this pillar are being Awake, Aligned, and experience Freedom.

Our Founder

Hi! So wonderful to have you here!
I am Bianca de Reus and I live in Sydney, Australia. I am The Soul Connector™️ and founder of Connecting Soul Beings® community, programs and podcast.
I help pet parents connect with their inner self, so they re-discover their intuition, connection with their soul and their spiritual abilities, so they are fully aligned, feel confident and trust their connection to self, their pets and all their is, from a place of pure love, harmony, and joy. I work mainly through soul coaching and animal communication modalities.
For over twenty years I have learned, and am still learning, what it means to be a spiritual being in a human body. My skills were getting stronger, and in 2011 I was introduced to my purpose, as a snake told me what I was meant to be doing! 
Today, I absolutely love who I am and what I do, and I cannot imagine doing anything different. I want nothing more than the same for you. 
I warmly invite you to join us! If you want to have a chat first, feel free to book a time:
See you on the inside!
Say HI to your pet for me and stay connected, with love and grace